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Intruder Alarm Installation

Proudly protecting the Wolverhampton, South Staffordshire Telford area 

Wombourne, Tettenhall, Wolverhampton Penn, Stafford and Shifnal

Wisewulf Security & Electrical Ltd offer an unmatched intruder alarm system including the  most up to date technologically advanced equipment designed to keep you safe. 

Intruder alarm systems are a proven deterrent to break ins and burglary and dramatically increase the security in your home. We are dedicated to improving the security of our customers' properties and with our in house crafted systems made by us.

With so many homes in the UK that still do not have an intruder alarm system. It’s sadly often too late before we realise the importance of security in homes or businesses. Act today and book in for an intruder alarm installation. Call us on 01902 475301.

Wisewulf Security & Electrical Ltd offer state of the art intruder alarm kit

Wisewulf Security & Electrical Ltd offer our own range of top of the range security designed for the utmost safety and convenience. Our fully integrated system includes an app that allows for live updates and full control with the ability to disable and enable your alarm remotely. Check out our brochure for our full range of products that we offer by clicking the button below.

Full integration means that Wisewulf Security & Electrical Ltd CCTV installations can work with your intruder alarm system allowing for optimal security for your home or business. 

Intruder alarm motion detectors 

Wisewulf Security & Electrical’s motion detectors have been specially constructed to detect real intruders and ignore false alarms. We strategically place motion detectors throughout your home and cover all areas that a potential intruder would enter a property. Our range also includes ceiling detectors as well as shock detectors that are designed to detect the vibrations caused by break-ins

Intruder alarm door and window detectors

Our door and window detectors serve to alert the system of a break in on a windows and doors. With a discrete/ hidden version available and 3 different colours, these detectors can blend seamlessly into your home. These detectors can also be places on cupboards and drawers for additional peace of mind. 

Intruder alarm speaker system 

Wisewulf Security & Electrical Ltd security and alarm system provides crystal clear and loud alarm tone as well as a unique LED lighting indication system. These can also be set up to provide entry and exit door chimes and can be provided in both wireless and wired format

Wisewulf Security & Electrical Ltd number pad systems 

Our user friendly number pad systems are available in a finish to suit your home or business. Our range includes modern touch screen panels and more traditional number pad versions. Featuring between 10 - 40 zones and The latest intruder alarm technology. 

Contact us today for Intruder alarm installation 

Overall Wisewulf Security & Electrical Ltd provide a comprehensive installation with our in house custom made equipment. With our experience in the security business, we can update your home or business with the most up to date intruder alarm systems that will blend seamlessly and deter burglars.

We can offer our services to anyone in or around Wolverhampton, South Staffordshire or Telford including Wombourne, Tettenhall, Wolverhampton, Penn, Stafford and Shifnal.

The best way to reach us by either filling out our online contact form or giving us a call on 01902 475301. You can also reach us via email at info@wisewulfsecure.co.uk.

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